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Vision: The first-choice cargo airlines for customers to and from China
Attain to “first-choice”: under the spiritual guidance of “integrate beauty and goodness and lead ethics” of the phoenix, the Company aspires to become the “first-choice for customers to and from China”.
Focus on “professional”: the Company aims to be a professional cargo airline, and makes efforts to provide reliable and professional air cargo services.


Mission:Create value for customers,
opportunities for staffs,
Profit for the shareholders and wealth for the society
We cannot succeed without the customer’s success. We shall strive for creating value for customers, and realizing the win-win situation between customer and own values.
The company cannot develop without staff’s development, persisting in creating good opportunities for staffs, and realizing staff’s personal values with the development of the Company.
The shareholders are the investor of the company. The Company devotes to create investment return for shareholders, which meet the fundamental interests of shareholders.
The society is the common home for all people. As a subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise, the Company shall bear the social responsibility, work as the participant and promoter for social harmony and progress as well as the practitioner and advocator of green air aviation, and consistently create material and spiritual wealth for the society.