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Air China Cargo officially launches a cargo aircraft route of Shanghai-Chennai-Chongqing-Shanghai


Picture One:The picture shows the cargos were being loaded onto cargo aircraft of Air China Cargo in Shanghai Pu Dong International Airport.


At 10:10 on March 16, one B747-400 cargo aircraft B2460 of Air China Cargo Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Air China Cargo in this passage) is departing from Shanghai Pu Dong International Airport to Chennai , a city located in the south of India, and becomes a milestone that Air China Cargo officially launches a cargo aircraft route of Shanghai-Chennai-Chongqing-Shanghai. It is the first cargo aircraft route to South Asia and Southeast Asia launched by Air China Cargo.

The cargo aircraft route of Shanghai-Chennai-Chongqing-Shanghai in Air China Cargo is scheduled as follows: 2 flights on each Wednesday and Friday per week, flight number is CA1011/2. The departure time from Shanghai Pu Dong International Airport is 10:10, the arrival time at Chennai is 14:30 (local time) and the arrival time at Chongqing is 00:45 on Thursday and Saturday. This route will be operated in a form of charter flight in early stage, and it will become a schedule flight in the later stage. This flight will be operated with B747-400 cargo aircraft.     

The operation of this route enhances the transport capacity investment of cargo aircraft of Air China Cargo into Asia Pacific market and links with two important industry cities of Chennai and Chongqing. Meanwhile, with Shanghai cargo aircraft hub and global route network of Air China Cargo, the cargos to Chennai can be quickly transferred to North America, Europe, and Japan and Asia Pacific areas.

Mr. Titus  Diu , the Chief Operating Officer of Air China Cargo states that the cargo aircraft route of Shanghai-Chennai-Chongqing-Shanghai further completes the cargo route network that originates from Shanghai hub of Air China Cargo. It marks that Air China Cargo is progressively reinforcing the European and USA routes, she further increases the transport capacity investment into middle or short-haul routes to South Asia and Southeast Asia, optimizes the worldwide route network lay-out of Air China Cargo and satisfies the cargo transport demand from emerging markets. This new route will stop over at Chongqing, which highlights Air China Cargo’s focus on China southwest air cargo transport market. It can provide a constant cargo aircraft transport capacity to Chongqing to adapt with the industry development of China western area. In the future, Air China Cargo will be scheduled to progressively launch more cargo aircraft routes to South Asia and Southeast Asia. 

Picture Two:The picture shows the cargos were being loaded onto cargo aircraft of Air China Cargo in Shanghai Pu Dong International Airport.


India is an emerging market that has been promptly developing. With the implementation of open policy and the emerging outcome of introduction of foreign investment in India, the air transport market of Indian electronic products and traditional clothes, leather and sea food transport has become significantly potential. In the year of 2010, the volume of trade between China and India achieved up to 61.8 billion US dollars. China has become the 3rd foreign export country of India.   

Chennai is a city at the east coast on South India and is situated beside the Bay of Bengal. Since the progressive development of economy and culture, Chennai has become a second major industry city in South India and the 4th populated city in India, while Chennai is also a transport hub city in India and one of most famous import and export trade harbor cities. Chennai enjoys her advanced car manufacture industry. The worldwide leading car companies, such as BMW, Ford and Mitsubishi, and a great amount of Indian domestic car brand companies have established their factories in Chennai. In terms of communication equipment manufacture industry, such brand companies as Nokia, Sony and Motorola have constructed their own manufacture factories in Chennai. A famous Taiwan enterprise of Foxconn has also launched 4 factories.    

As a unique flag carrier of air cargo in China, based on the development prospective of “Air China Cargo will become the first air cargo carrier that will be selected by Chinese clients”, Air China Cargo has been continuously exploring the route network and operation quality and trying maximum efforts to provide a premium, convenient and efficient service to the clients. 

Up to now, Air China Cargo has hold 10 sets of Boeing 747-400 cargo aircraft and progressively launched the cargo aircraft flights that originate from Shanghai to Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, Chengdu and Chongqing.  

Besides those cargo aircraft flights, Air China Cargo also enjoys the sole right of cargo loading operation in all the belly compartments of passenger aircraft in Air China. Depended on Air China global routes network, Air China Cargo has owned more than 250 air transport routes and launched 156 destination airports around the world. In addition, Air China Cargo has also operated 497 international ground trunk routes and more than 80 Chinese domestic trunk routes in Europe, USA, Japan and Asia Pacific, which serve as the supplementary routes to the networks of cargo aircraft and belly compartment of passenger aircraft in Air China, so that the cargos of Air China Cargo can quickly arrive to each destination airport throughout the world.