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Air China Cargo To Launch Two Around-The-Globe Services
PVG—JFK—HHN—PVG & PVG—ORD—HHN—PVG better connecting Asian-Pacific with United States and Europe


Air China Cargo is scheduled to launch two Around-The-Globe freighter routes to better serve its customers. The two flights will be operated three times weekly with new B777-200F aircraft. The twice weekly flight of PVG—JFK—HHN—PVG will be operated on Wednesday and Friday, while the once weekly flight of PVG—ORD—HHN—PVG will be operated on Monday. The Around-The-Globe flights will take off from China to North America, then fly across North Atlantic Ocean to Europe, and finally return to China. Once the flights put into operation, cargos on those flights can be directly delivered from North America to Europe.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) is a new destination for Air China Cargo. HHN, which allows night operations, will create synergy with our major destination Frankfurt am Main Airport. The new services will also strengthen Air China Cargo’s capacity and presence between Europe and China.

Mr. Titus Diu, the COO of Air China Cargo, has a high expectation for these new services. He believes that in light of the features of new B777F, and the demand for Sino-US, US-Europe, and Europe-China markets, The Around-The-Globe services will not only increase the capacity on Sino-US and Europe-China routes, provide transportation solutions on US-Europe market, and furthermore offer more efficient services to US customers and freight forwarders.

As China’s only cargo airline operating with the national flag, Air China Cargo operates three types of aircraft: B747F, B777F and B757SF, and its fleet will grow to 15 freighters by 2015. It has created a global airfreight network integrated with belly capacity of Air China’s passenger aircraft, with Beijing and Shanghai as the hubs. Up to date, Air China Cargo has 295 services offered to 162 destinations in the world and 962 trucking services as a supplement to freighter and belly network, which builds an improved air-to-ground network for efficient cargo transportation to nearly every corner of the world.