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Air China Cargo Braces for Auto Shanghai 2015


The 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (also known as Auto Shanghai 2015) is will begin on 22nd April. With such a huge logistics opportunity on hand, Air China Cargo has leveraged its advantages of its main operation base in Shanghai to provide customers with service they can trust. The key player in this is its East China Base.

The Shanghai International Sales Department of Air China Cargo’s East China Base has established an exhibition shipment project team. The team has four focus areas. Firstly, to research and understand the exhibition’s scale and the number of vehicles involved. Secondly, to seek out agents which intend to bid for such shipments. Thirdly, to benchmark against foreign carriers' strengths and weaknesses in price and service. Last but not least, to map out a strategy for this exhibition, including quotation proposals for vehicle shipments.

The team will also focus on automotive parts shipment opportunities, as these super heavy goods are mostly high value-added products, boosting Air China Cargo's revenues, while effectively increasing the payload on its B777-200F flights.

Apart from the four key sales measures, Air China Cargo has two strengths in vehicle transport: substantial shipment experience and its air-ground network solution. Leveraging on its professional experience, the company has frequently shipped vehicles for Auto Shanghai and Auto China, carrying over 30 exhibits during Auto Shanghai 2013. The company's B777-200F freighter has departed from Shanghai on 5th March with two McLaren P1 sports cars to Europe, garnering praise from its customers for its excellent service.

The company is also able to leverage on its air-ground network. Air China Cargo has six B777-200F and three B747-400F air freighters available for vehicle shipments. With Shanghai as its main operation base, the nine air freighters flies to 10 European, American and Asian-Pacific cities, including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Osaka, as well as 11 domestic and regional cities. In addition, the company has 1,111 trucking services to meet the needs of vehicle owners worldwide.