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Air China Cargo Urgently Dispatched Three B757 Air Freighters to Transport Relief Materials to Nepal

                               - The first two flights of B757 air freighters flew to Kathmandu, April 29


At 14:11 April 25, Beijing Time, an 8.1-magnitude quake hit Pokhara, Nepal. To help Nepal carry out post-disaster relief work, Air China Cargo urgently dispatched three B757 air freighters to transport the quake relief materials of Red Cross Society of China for Nepal.

It's reported that 2 B757 air freighters (flight No.: CA1001 and CA1007) carrying 44t relief materials in total took off from Beijing Capital International Airport at 15:54 and 16:07 April 25, Beijing Time. The two flights temporarily had landed in Chengdu and took off at 8:30 and 9:03 April 29, and were expected to arrive at Kathmandu Airport at 12:12 and 12:45 successively the same day.

On the night of April 28, the third B757 air freighter loaded with suppliers of Air China Cargo flew to Chengdu. The three flights of B757 air freighters carried 66t materials in total, and the remaining materials will be loaded in bellyholds of passenger planes and transited to Chengdu, and then will be transported to Kathmandu by B757 air freighter. The cargoes are all tents and other relief materials, over 150 tons in total, and expected to be transported by 8 flights. The cargo charters expected to fly from Chengdu to Kathmandu include 2 flights on April 29, 3 flights on April 30 and 3 flights on May 1.