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ACC Starts Shipment of 2nd Batch of Relief Supplies to Nepal

90 tons Relief Supplies Arrived in Nepal and Accepted by Chinese Ambassador to Nepal 


Two ACC’s freight carriers of CAO8441 and CAO8443 loaded with relief supplies including carpets, water conditioners and tents arrived at the airport of Katmandu, the capital of Nepal, from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport on 13:00 and 18:14 of May 6. They were also the first two flights sending the second batch of relief materials from China to Nepal after the earthquake.

It is reported that 90 tons of relief supplies carried by the two chartered flights had been firstly delivered to Chengdu by B747-400F numbered B2409 from Beijing Capital International Airport, then transformed by B757 in four shifts to Katmandu.

On the afternoon of May 6, when the two B757 freight carriers arrived at Katmandu airport, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Mr. Wu Chuntai  received and sent gratitude to the flight crew members including Wang Huiquan, General Manager of ACC Aviation Dept., Xin Hang, Manager of B757 Branch, as well as ground crews. Captain Xin Hang accepted an interview from Xinhua News Agency on behalf of the crew members, saying that he was proud of performing the task as a captain of ACC and felt that it was his duty and responsibility to deliver the relief supplies to Nepal in a safe manner. He promised that he and his crew members will bring all their energies to bear upon the follow-up transports and ensure them absolutely safe.

At the time of this news release on May 7, ACC’s third shift of B757 freight carrier had took off at 08:32 on the morning, and is expected to arrive in Nepal around 13:00. The fourth and last B757 carrier is scheduled to take off on May 8 to deliver relief supplies. ACC’s operation units will perform the plans in a strict manner to ensure the follow-up flights and transportation of relief supplies absolutely safe.