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Air China Cargo Operates Freighters for Pakistan Humanitarian Mission


In order to assist the Pakistani government’s post-earthquake humanitarian efforts, the Chinese government has recently decided to provide Pakistan with a second batch of humanitarian relief, with Air China Cargo operating freighter charters. The relief consisted of more than 9000 tents. They were transported by three Boeing 747-400F freighters, The first freighter, flight CA1001 operated by freighter B2475, departed Pudong International Airport at 11:12 on 19th January, carrying more than 3000 rescue tents. The flight arrived safely at the Pakistani capital Islamabad at 18:33. The remaining two charters will depart from Pudong Airport on 22nd and 24th January.

After receiving the notice for the relief mission, Air China Cargo swiftly kicked off its charter procedures for major shipments. A meeting was held on 15th January involving various departments, including flight operations, engineering, planning and ground services. The company placed great importance on this mission, with various departments working closely together. All preparations were completed with a high degree of responsibility and excellence, with all tasks carried out in an orderly manner.

The Pakistan route is not one which Air China Cargo operates as a scheduled flight. This is a route which is new and complicated to the company. The flight operations department of Air China Cargo held a meeting to prepare for the flight, carefully selecting crew members for this mission. The first humanitarian flight was led by Air China Cargo Flight Operations Captain Dong Lei and Wang Zhong Ming.

To ensure the relief assistance gets to Pakistan as soon as possible, the planning department of Air China Cargo assigned B2475, a Boeing 747-400F freighter with a maximum payload of 110 tonnes, for the flight. In addition, spare engineering equipment was carried on the flight. Geng Fu Shang, the deputy general manager for the engineering department, was assigned as riding engineer for the flight. With the support of Air China’s Islamabad station, the operations control centre worked with local authorities to get the relevant approvals. The flight plan was also prepared in advance. With the recent foggy conditions at Islamabad airport, the flight was monitored with a flight operations monitoring system, to ensure that the flight operated without a hitch.

Air China Cargo’s service support team in its Eastern China base specially assigned high-calibre staff for the loading, acceptance, security screening and weighing of shipments. With support from Pudong International Airport, customs and quarantine offices, all ground services for the humanitarian assistance was completed swiftly. The cargo carrier also assigned two freighter support specialists from the freighter unit of its cargo terminal business unit to lead ground operations in Islamabad, ensuring that this humanitarian mission concluded smoothly.