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Brief Introduction
Hangzhou operating base has total floor area of 22,290m2, and building area of 14,000m2. Its international warehouse area is about 4,000 m2, and domestic warehouse area is 10,000 m2. The main business includes sales and transportation of international (including regional) and domestic air cargo and mail for flights of Air China. The main services include: booking space, storage, transit, stowage, pick-up and so on.

To meet the requirements of various customers and adapt to the development of cargo transportation market, "First Asking Responsibility", "24-hour Service," "Customers QQ Group" and other series of feature services are introduced, and "Secondary Customs Transit" for Wenzhou/Yiwu/Ningbo-Hangzhou-Beijing-oversea international cargo is performed, and Hangzhou/Wenzhou/Ningbo/Yiwu-Shanghai truck flights are operated. It has achieved seamless interface of train-air-truck transportation and has successfully built a truck flight network in Zhejiang province.

Hangzhou operating base adheres to the "Customer-oriented, Serve-based and value-cored" operation philosophy, and seeks to provide customers with personalized service of "Credibility, Convenience, Comfort and Satisfaction", and strives to become the first choice of air cargo station by customers in Zhejiang area.

Office Address
Facilities & Equipment
  • Valuables warehouse: 60m2
    Refrigeration warehouse: 40m2 (2~8℃)
    Freezing warehouse: 20m2 (0~-15℃)
    Hazardous goods warehouse: 20 m2
  • Cargo entering and leaving airport and transit operation
    Inward and outward documents and transit treatment
    Special cargo treatment (hazardous goods, valuables, live animals, fresh, living and perishable goods)
    Station site service
    Unit load device control service
    Truck flight transshipment service
    Customs information input
    Quick pick-up of international and domestic inward cargo
    Express service for outward cargo
    Quick transit service
    International and domestic documents turn-over and direct transition service
    Plane-side pick-up
    Warehousing accompany
    House airway bill label and shipping mark change in warehouse
    Weight and volume re-inspection service for outward cargo
    Other relevant consultation services
  • Cargo outward:
  • 0086-0571-86663555 (counter)
    0086-0571-86663352 (domestic)
    0086-0571-86663353 (international)
  • Cargo inward
  • 0086-0571-86663357 (counter)
    0086-0571-86663356 (domestic)
  • Cargo safety inspection
  • 0086-0571-86663328
  • Cargo tracking
  • 0086-0571-86663355
  • Complaint and compensation:
  • 0086-0571-86663399