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Brief Introduction
Tianjin Cargo Transportation Station of Air China Cargo has floor area of 400,000m2, mainly consisting of outward cargo warehouse and inward cargo warehouse. Outward cargo warehouse was built in 2008 and has building area of 10,000 m2 with annual cargo handling capacity of more than 80,000t; inward cargo warehouse was built in 1991 and has building area of 10,000 m2 with annual cargo handling capacity of more than 80,000t. Behind the cargo warehouse is a cargo aerodrome of the cargo station. It has floor area of 140,000 m2, and can accommodate more than a ten large cargo aircrafts.

Tianjin Cargo Transportation Station of Air China Cargo mainly provides commercial documents handling, collection and transportation, take-over, weighing, warehousing, assembly and disassembly, loading, delivery, transit, land transportation, information processing and other ground logistics services for international and domestic inward and outward air cargo of Air China, Air China Cargo and that having agreement with Foreign Airlines leaving and landing Tianjin Binhai International Airport. At present, it provides ground handling services of air cargo for Air China, Korean Air, EVA Air and Shandong Airlines, and meanwhile provides irregular ground guarantee services for chartered cargo planes of various Foreign Airlines.

Tianjin Cargo Transportation Station of Air China Cargo has modern ground handling facilities for aviation, which are capable of handling freezing & refrigeration, hazardous goods, live animals, valuables, air mail and other types of air cargo. The station provides 24-hour service.

Tianjin Cargo Transportation Station of Air China Cargo earnestly provides customers with competitive services, and is committed to being the most professional air cargo station in the world.

Office Address
  • Tianjin Cargo Transportation Station of Air China Cargo is located at the cargo transportation road northwest of Tianjin Binhai International Airport. It is 13km from the city center, 30km from Tianjin Port, 5.9km from Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Express Highway, 2.9km from Tianjin-Binhai Express Highway, and close to Tianjin outer ring road. Its transportation is very convenient.【Map Link
Facilities & Equipment
  • Unit load devices and bulk storage yard
    More than 40 large loading & unloading devices
    Four lifting and assembly operation platforms
    Hazardous goods warehouse: 96.5 m2, capable of storing Class 1 ~ Class 9 hazardous goods
    Valuables warehouse: Outward cargo: 40m2; inward cargo: 30m^2
    Refrigeration warehouse: Outward cargo: 156m2 (2~8℃); inward cargo: 50m2(2~8℃)
    Freezing warehouse: Outward cargo: 98m2 (0~-10℃); inward cargo: 27m2(0~-10℃)
    Living animals storage area: 50m2
  • Cargo entering and leaving airport and transit operation
    Inward and outward documents and transit treatment
    Special cargo treatment (hazardous goods, valuables, live animals, fresh, living and perishable goods)
    Station site service
    Unit load device control service
    Truck flight transshipment service
    Customs information input
    Prior taking-delivery of international inward cargo
    International customs brokerage and delivery service
    Domestic delivery service
    Customs transit cargo monitoring
    Export assembly cargo operation
    Overtime service for outward cargo
    Express service
    Night special service
    Dry ice resetting service
    ULD reassembly service
    Weight and volume re-inspection service for inward cargo
    Other relevant consultation services
  • Cargo tracking: 0086-022-24901696
    Outward cargo collection and transportation: 0086-022-24901294
    Outward documents: 0086-022-24902937
    Outward cargo weight measurement: 0086-022-24901298
    Inward documents: 0086-022-24901265
    Inward cargo B/L: 0086-022-24901290
    International taking-delivery: 0086-022-24901331
    Domestic taking-delivery: 0086-022-24902804
    Complaint and compensation: 0086-022-24901577