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Breakbulk Priority
Product Introduction
This is airport to airport air transport services provided for less than 100kg breakbulk cargo and package, including “selected flight” and “priority ground handling” etc. It has commitment of full compensation of air freight if shipping is not done in selected flight (detailed in Compensation Instruction). It is applicable for general cargo with single bill chargeable weight of less than 100kg.
Service Range
  • Direct airline:
  • All domestic starting domestic direct airlines (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)
  • Connecting airline:
  • Partial domestic airlines with Beijing, Chengdu, and Shanghai as connecting points.
Service Standard
  • Time limit for space booking:
  • Booking is not necessary.
  • Space security:
  • Class A shipping space secured, with strict shipping guarantee for selected flight, and if flight load capacity takes place changes accidentally, it shall be transported as priority.
  • Time limit for consignment (preflight):
  • 1.5 hours
  • Time limit for taking delivery (after flight):
  • 1.5 hours
  • Special security:
  • Priority service for departure and consignment at origin stop
    Rapid taking-delivery service at destination
    Inform cargo loading information of relevant terminals by telegraph to ensure cargo is under special tending at each link of operations.
    Commitment of full compensation of freight if shipping is not done in selected flight.
Optional Services
  • Rapid transferring service:
  • Hub terminals such as Beijing can provide rapid transferring service, which includes two grades of service for selection: Grade A transferring service that has a transferring time limit of 3-5 hours and Grade B transferring service that has a transferring time limit of 5-8 hours. For details, please see information about navigable points.
Compensation Instructions If Shipping Is Not Done In Selected Flight.
  • Compensation standard:
  • Commitment of full compensation of air freight if shipping is not done in selected flight.
    Fuel surcharge and other fees do not belong to freight compensation range.
    If only part cargoes are not shipped in selected flight, this freight compensation stipulation is only applicable for delayed cargoes.
    Cargo loss and damage shall be handled according to General Conditions for Domestic Cargo Transport and do not belong to the range of freight compensation.
  • Compensation procedure:
  • Client shall submit compensation application to Air China Cargo within five workdays after occurrence of default transport event. Information to be provided: (1) copy of Airway Bill; (2) Air China Cargo XPS freight compensation application.
    Air China Cargo will give final handling and response within five workdays after receiving the compensation application.
  • Exceptional conditions:
  • Natural disasters (including severe weather degradation), war actions or armed conflicts, strikes, and reasons of government (including air control, emergent safety measures implemented by public authorities, and emergent measures related to cargo transport that are implemented by public authorities and so on).
    Errors of consignor/consignee result in cargo is in default of relevant transport stipulations (cargo has inherent defects or bad package etc.) or the cargo does not been consigned on time (including passing of safety check etc.)
    The scheduled cargo does not be loaded in selected flight due to change of flight time or other reasons after negotiation with owner of the cargo.
  • Other instructions:
  • The compensation instructions for freight can be changed or cancelled based on specific situations of this company, without otherwise notice.
    For those events not involved in this stipulation, general terms for domestic cargo transport of this company shall prevail.
Product Identification
  • Label of airway bill:
  • It is the waybill used to obviously mark priority transport cargo; size: 15 x 50mm; it is required to be pasted in “Settle Notes” column of the first carrier copy and consignee copy.
  • Label of cargo:
  • It is used to obviously mark external package of transport cargo; size: 80 x 110mm; it is required to be pasted in obvious location of external package of each piece of package.
  • Cargo tape:
  • It is used to obviously mark the external package of priority transport cargo; size: 60mm wide.
All the services mentioned below are provided according to the general quality of Air China Cargo which might be different subject to the variation of local stations’ regulation and customs. Please contact the local offices of Air China Cargo for free consultation of transportation services.