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Carrying Parameters
Comprehensive Carrying Data Table
Cargo Hold Cargo Hold Door Dimension Max. Carrying Capacity Animal Cargo Space Hazardous Materials Bearing Capacity of Floor kg/m2
Width (cm) Height (cm)
FWD CGO COMP'T 270 170 18LD3or 6PMC/PAG
Class 1-9 976
AFT CGO COMP'T 180 170 14LD3
(22226 kg)
Class 1-9 976
BULK CGO COMP'T 114 91 4082 kg (17 M3) Yes
Class 1-9 732
*  As there is no ventilation system, not small quantity of live animals depending out outside oxygen supply can be held; aquatic products, cold blooded animals and others with oxygen may be carried.
Top View of Cargo Compartment Standard Stowage
Sectional View of Cargo Compartment Stowage