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Loading Parameters
Comprehensive Loading Datasheet
Compartment Dimensions of Compartment Door Maximum Loading Capacity
(Compartment Capacity [a])
Compartment for Animals Hazardous Goods [b]
(Not Including CAO)
Area Load (Bearing Capacity of Floor)
(W×H) cm Temperature
FWD COMP’T 259×170 8PAG/PMC or 24LD3
Yes Class 1-9 976
AFT COMP’T 259×170 6PMC/PAG or 20LD3
(31752kg/110m3 )
-[c] Class 1-9 976
Bulk 84×112 4082kg (17m3) Yes Class 1-9 732
[a] The capacity is design capacity;
[b] The fire rating is Grade C;
[c] Compartments without ventilation system can carry aquatic products or cold-blooded animals with oxygen supply.
Standard Loading Top View of Lower Cargo Hold
Section View of Lower Cargo Hold