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Loading Parameters
Comprehensive Loading Datasheet
Compartmen Dimensions of Compartment Door Maximum Loading Capacity Animal Cargo Space Hazardous Materials Bearing Capacity of Floor kg/m2
Width (cm) Height (cm)
Main Deck 345 216 15 PAP/AAY(186.9 m3) Yes No CAO cargo 415-600
FWD CGO COMP'T 139 108 4672KG(18.9m3) No* Class 1-9 732
AFT CGO COMP'T 139 112 6984KG(30.9m3) No * Class 1-9 732
*  In lower deck cargo compartments, only heating systems are available. Air conditioning systems are unavailable. Therefore, there will be no means for temperature control under high temperature conditions. The heating system turns on automatically when the temperature reaches below 4OC, and turns off automatically once the temperature reaches above 10OC. For information on live animal handling, please refer to the Live Animal Transportation Handbook.
Top View of Main Deck Standard Stowage
Top View of Cargo Compartment Standard Stowage
Sectional View of Main Deck Stowage
Sectional View of Cargo Compartment Stowage